Welcome to the PLN4Ed wiki!

Personal Learning Networks for Life-long Learning

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow."
—John Dewey

This wiki provides users with the opportunity to develop a collaborative personal learning network (PLN) through contact with practicing K-12 professionals and college students enrolled in education related coursework. This PLN will provide a forum for life-long learning as members provide access to a wide variety of existing and emerging electronic resources.

What I hope will make this wiki different than others that simply list Internet links is that posts here will contain detailed information regarding not only resources, but engage members in dynamic discussions about ideas and methods for implementation and follow through to provide opportunities for reflection after implementation as our members build best practices.

PLN members are encouraged to:

  • Create pages for each new topic for easy location of resources. The navigation sidebar to the left acts as a table of contents for the wiki.
  • Post a brief biography on the Bio page to introduce yourself to other wiki members.
  • Membership is open to library media specialists, classroom teachers, technology specialists, instructional leaders and college students enrolled in education related coursework.

The focus of PLN4ED is to:

  • develop a community of life-long learners who are passionate about teaching and learning
  • support members as they learn the basics of how to use new technology applications and resources themselves
  • explore meaningful applications of technology to support teaching and learning
  • discuss ideas and methods for implementation
  • provide opportunities for reflection
  • develop best practices

Post resources, which will include, but not be limited to, content, materials, ideas, links, instructional materials, and experts with the following information:

  1. Links, Annotations (summary of what will be found on the page), and Ideas for use.
  2. After implementation, please post learning objectives, curriculum information, project or product examples, and links to actual projects when possible.
  3. Also include a reflection of what worked or didn't work well, components to change, areas for future development and questions that encourage discussion with PLN members.

This wiki has recently been launched, content will evolve from this point forward. Please check back often and contribute when you are able!

I look forward to meeting you online soon!

Please practice ethical use of technology and respect all copyright laws.

Original post by:Donna Baratta 11/3/09
Revised by Donna Baratta 11/14/09

Link to the companion site, PLN4ED Blog: http://pln4ed.blogspot.com